Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday

Hello my first ever stepping out Saturday! How have you been? Oh me you ask?
Well Saturday was spent as family time. It was a crazy 5 degrees so we spent it hanging out inside playing endless amounts of peek-a-boo and chase! (I have to admit chase is not my favourite game and have to check myself not to do it when surrounded by adults)
Saturday night I attended a family wedding while Chris was kind enough to stay back a watch H sleep. It is sad to admit but it was only my second time out in 10 months without Harlow. It was nice to get out and have adult conversations without being distracted or interrupted by an adorable little lady. Chris and myself are going to try to get out a little more! Easier said than done though! But I think it is good for all three of us to have some separate time!
In order good news we found out that I am getting a little niece! My brother and his wife finally found out what they are having! (took four ultrasounds). I could not be more excited and thrilled! Hopefully Harlow and Layla will be the best of friends!

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