birth story

Dear Harlow,

I thought I would write you a letter about the day you were born, not only for you to understand what happened that day and how we felt about it but also so I can remember it forever as well.  It was the single most important day of my life, it changed my life forever!
The day before you were born daddy was working so I went out with nanny and poppy driving around looking for flowers for the cabin. I was determined to go into labour soon and was doing everything I could to get it started including running up a large flight of stairs two at a time! That night around one o’clock I woke up to labour pains, I knew what they were immediately because they were different then any other feelings I had during my pregnancy. I began counting them and around five o’clock I woke up your dad to let him know that I was in labour. We got ready to go to the hospital! We arrived at the hospital and were checked out by the nurse to find out I was only two centimetres dilated and should go home to wait it out. She told us that today was going to be the day that you were going to be born, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I was finally going to meet my little girl after nine months!
We arrived home; I took a cold shower and did my hair. I then started walking around the house and bouncing on the exercise ball. My contractions were getting longer and faster. Finally around three o’clock we decided to go to the hospital. While driving there my contractions got even closer, we started to think we were not going to make it to the hospital at all.  When checked by the nurse we found out I was now five centimetres dilated and we were admitted. I immediately got an epidural because you were head up I was experiencing a lot of back labour, and it made the pain completely subside. This is when your dad went to get something to eat. While he was gone, your heart rate dropped and nurses and doctors came running into to see what was wrong, they broke my water and put a heart rate monitor on your head. They checked me again and I was now completely dilated and was ready to push. I was afraid you were going to be born before your dad got back from supper. However, the nurses informed me we are not quite ready yet. Your dad got back from supper and then your Nanny, who was also there, decided she would go get something. Within minutes after the left your heart rate dropped again and the doctor said it was time to push. You were not reacting well to the pushing as your heart rate continued to drop. At this time they decided it was best to do an emergency forceps delivery. I was wheeled off to the delivery room; during this time I was so scared and excited all at the same time. I was scared because I did not know if you were going to be okay but excited because I knew I would get to meet you in minutes. When we reached the delivery room and were prepped you were born just minutes later at 6:33.
It is hard for me to explain this moment, when I saw the doctor hold you up I was completely overwhelmed. I felt as if my heart had been only half full and now it was completely over flowing with love. It is a different kind of love then I ever experienced before, it wasn’t a love that had to be earned, it wasn’t a love that had grown, it was just an automatic admiration and love. A full complete love!
All I could keep saying was that you were so tiny! And you were! At only 5lbs13oz and 49cm you were a very small little girl! For weeks afterward people would ask if you were a preemie.  After you were cleaned up, family were allowed to meet you. Nanny and poppy Blackwood along with Uncle James and Aunt Susan were the first there. They couldn’t believe you were born so fast, when daddy went to the waiting room to tell them the good news they thought he was just giving an update! Everyone was over the moon to meet you, they couldn’t believe how bright you were, very wide eyed for a new born. Everyone held you and instantly feel in love. Nanny and Poppy Brenton arrived shortly after to meet you as well.
And that’s the story of your birth. I want you to know that from the moment I found out I was pregnant I loved you, then from the moment I first laid eyes on you I feel more in love. You make my life complete and make me a happier person and I will thank you every day for that!
Love you to the moon,