Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday

Hello my first ever stepping out Saturday! How have you been? Oh me you ask?
Well Saturday was spent as family time. It was a crazy 5 degrees so we spent it hanging out inside playing endless amounts of peek-a-boo and chase! (I have to admit chase is not my favourite game and have to check myself not to do it when surrounded by adults)
Saturday night I attended a family wedding while Chris was kind enough to stay back a watch H sleep. It is sad to admit but it was only my second time out in 10 months without Harlow. It was nice to get out and have adult conversations without being distracted or interrupted by an adorable little lady. Chris and myself are going to try to get out a little more! Easier said than done though! But I think it is good for all three of us to have some separate time!
In order good news we found out that I am getting a little niece! My brother and his wife finally found out what they are having! (took four ultrasounds). I could not be more excited and thrilled! Hopefully Harlow and Layla will be the best of friends!

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friday

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend! Can I get a whaaawhooo! This weekend will be spent outside even if we have to dress in our snowsuits dang it I want to be outside! Yes this summer has been predicted as below average temperatures! We are talking around 7 degrees and rain!  Harlow has so many cute summer outfits that she is going to have to wear under her snowsuit I guess (ok we are not wearing a snowsuit but we sure are bundled up)
Hope everyone has a great weekend an its warmer in your neck of the woods!
Here’s a picture of the cutest little button in the world! Notice the tube of toothpaste – well that’s H’s favourite new buddy! She likes to take it everywhere with her including the supermarket!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harlow VS The Cheerios

A great battle took place in my kitchen today - Harlow vs. the Cheerio’s – Harlow was victorious.....

Her face in this picture kills me, like bang drop down dead! Such satisfaction! Its so much fun watching her figure things out and then succeed at what she was doing - even if it involves a giant mess!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

But I did'nt get the memo.....

When I was pregnant I knew that I would breastfed for a least one year. From all the research I did there were only positives to breastfeeding so why not right. Determined that there would be no other option. I was lucky and H was a trooper and despite her size she had a great latch and did not have any problem sucking. It came very natural and easy for us; we had some bumps in the road with three batches of thrush. But got over then without any problems. I enjoyed the connection and found comfort in the fact I am providing my daughter with everything she needs to thrive. H was exclusively breastfed with no bottle for nine months until the day she turned nine months old she refused to nurse. WHAT?!?!
No matter what i did she would not take my breast, she feed fine the day before them BAM no thanks mom. I expressed milk and she drank from a cup with a straw like she has been doing it her whole life. WTF? (And the F stand’s for fudge of course). I have to say I was hurt, like she didn’t need me anymore. Sorry H but momma did not get the memo that you are a big girl now and no longer thinks it’s cool to nurse!
So three weeks later she still refuses to nurse, and I am since had to supplement with formula – my milk supply seemed to dry up with her not nursing just pumping. And I am left feeling guilty with giving her formula, discouraged that we didn’t make it a year and sad because I can see my little baby growing up.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Power of the Sun

So I live in Newfoundland, a quiet beautiful island of the east coast of Newfoundland. I love it here, it is soaked in rich culture, the people are friendly and the population is low! Only thing is the weather. We get a lot of rain and fog! In one day we can experience rain, sun and snow! However the last couple of months here have been particularly dark, foggy and snowing everyday!
This weekend we were blessed with SUN! And wow what a difference it has on a person’s moods! I felt like I could run a marathon and then come back and run another marathon! We just went outside to be outside! Soaking up some much needed vitamin D! It was beautiful!
We spent a lovely weekend at my parents home Brigus, playing outside enjoying the beautiful weather! Harlow had here first run on the ski-doo (just around the garden mind you) and her first ride in the slide! She enjoyed it! It’s interesting watching her discover what she likes and dislikes! She is certainly becoming a little mover! As long as she is outside doing something she is happy, and as long as she is inside doing something she is happy! (sad face for momma since she does not want to snuggle anymore)
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well.

Harlow and Poppy on ski-doo
Harlow with her grandparents on a walk in the woods
First sleigh ride

Saturday, February 26, 2011

six months?!?

its six months already! i am having a hard time accepting that i have been blessed with sharing my life with my beautiful baby girl for six whole months! the minute she was born she changed me to my core, i have so much to thank her for. through her i feel that i have become a more compassionate and loving person.

so that being said what is my little lamb doing at six month (and things i just thing is pretty darn cute)...

1. she’s a little pro at sitting up!
2. she can pick up anything and pass it from both hands.
3. she is beginning to haul herself up on things! (i loveee watching her little determined face struggling to pull herself up on something..can you say adorable)
4. she is a demon in the tub, splashing, pulling herself up in the edges, throwing toys and launching herself into the water. it now takes to grown adults to keep her safe in the tub, it’s so much fun!
5. screaming! she loves to scream and squeal!
6. crawling, well attempting to and doing a darn good job! i only have a few weeks left of freedom before the little lamb gets her freedom!

i loved the infant stages but i have to say now that she is learning to do things on her own and can interact with us, it is soooo much fun! i cannot wait to see what the next six months will bring!

harlow just being the cutest like lamb around

Friday, February 25, 2011

my daughter has the strength of two men

Harlow 63cm, 14 lbs can bench press 25 lbs! I’m not kidding, well maybe a little bit. But this small baby girl of six months has super human strength. Today she picked up her mobile and moved it, I mean pick up of the ground! That has to be like 3 pounds, that’s a lot for a little baby don’t you think. (my husband disagrees)
It’s not just the picking up of incredibly baby heavy items; I can no longer prevent or stop her from going or doing something she wants to do. She can overpower me! She can push my arms away, push through e to get something she wants and almost push herself out of my arms! I’m afraid she is going to catch on to her superbaby strength and in a fit of rage push me over the stairs or something.
Is it just my superbaby or do all babes out their posses this unnatural strength?