Monday, March 7, 2011

Power of the Sun

So I live in Newfoundland, a quiet beautiful island of the east coast of Newfoundland. I love it here, it is soaked in rich culture, the people are friendly and the population is low! Only thing is the weather. We get a lot of rain and fog! In one day we can experience rain, sun and snow! However the last couple of months here have been particularly dark, foggy and snowing everyday!
This weekend we were blessed with SUN! And wow what a difference it has on a person’s moods! I felt like I could run a marathon and then come back and run another marathon! We just went outside to be outside! Soaking up some much needed vitamin D! It was beautiful!
We spent a lovely weekend at my parents home Brigus, playing outside enjoying the beautiful weather! Harlow had here first run on the ski-doo (just around the garden mind you) and her first ride in the slide! She enjoyed it! It’s interesting watching her discover what she likes and dislikes! She is certainly becoming a little mover! As long as she is outside doing something she is happy, and as long as she is inside doing something she is happy! (sad face for momma since she does not want to snuggle anymore)
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well.

Harlow and Poppy on ski-doo
Harlow with her grandparents on a walk in the woods
First sleigh ride

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