about me

my name is moya, i'm a momma and a wife. my daughter’s name is harlow and my husband’s name is chris. we have been married since august 17, 2008 and have been together and best friends since 1999 (woah the 90's) we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy little girl on august 20, 2010 and she gladly took over ours lives the minute she was born.
i am currently on maternity leave and my husband is a firefighter. we live in a small town in newfoundland, canada and absolutely love it! i love waking up to the sun and ocean everyday (well and fog to i guess). i enjoy walking around my town with my baby girl and enjoying the clean air, friendly people and beautiful nature that surrounds us.

i am interested in anything baby at the moment, fashion, interior design and crafting. i am a terrible speller, drink way to much pepsi, and always forget to wash my face before bed.

oh i also have two cats (well my husband has to cats, we are mortal enemies, they live to throw up and have me walk in it - they really do i on purpose)