Friday, February 25, 2011

my daughter has the strength of two men

Harlow 63cm, 14 lbs can bench press 25 lbs! I’m not kidding, well maybe a little bit. But this small baby girl of six months has super human strength. Today she picked up her mobile and moved it, I mean pick up of the ground! That has to be like 3 pounds, that’s a lot for a little baby don’t you think. (my husband disagrees)
It’s not just the picking up of incredibly baby heavy items; I can no longer prevent or stop her from going or doing something she wants to do. She can overpower me! She can push my arms away, push through e to get something she wants and almost push herself out of my arms! I’m afraid she is going to catch on to her superbaby strength and in a fit of rage push me over the stairs or something.
Is it just my superbaby or do all babes out their posses this unnatural strength?

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog via Dear Baby Blog. The pic of your daughter on top is super cute. Looks like you just started your blog - have fun!